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New Polaris update brings website uptime report


Do you know if your website is always up and available?
Do you know how many visitors you lost during a down time?
Well, if you don't, Polaris has a new and exciting update that is just for you. By partnering up with Internet Vista we now offer website uptime reports integrated into Polaris right next to your already familiar Google Analytics stats. And to continue our easy to use, easy to understand approach we take it from a human angle.
To make reporting to your boss more easy or understanding the impact of a downtime in a blink of an eye yourself, we'll tell you exactly how much time your website was down (no abstract percentages) and give you an estimate of how many potential vistors you lost.

Check out the screenshots or try it yourself. If you already have Polaris running you get the update next time you launch.


Press release!


Officially launched 22 April, Desktop Reporting announces itʼs first product: Polaris for Google Analytics. With well over 10.000 downloads in the first week Polaris conquers the desktop of Google Analytics fanatics ...

Read the full press release (PDF)


Polaris widget for Google Analytics launched


Today Desktop Reporting launches it's first product: Polaris, a cross-platform desktop widget for Google Analytics.
It comes in two editions. A free version for using a single Google Analytics profile and full version for those who want to use multiple profiles which is $15/year. Check out the product page for screenshots and detailed info.
Hope you enjoy it, and remember that this is only a small part of what's coming ...


We're Plugg Start-Ups Rally finalists


We are excited to announce that Desktop Reporting has been selected as one of the 20 finalists to present at the Plugg Start-Ups Rally. Being selected out of 126 European start-ups as one of the finalists was quite a surprise and a big honor. It will be a great opportunity present our new company and show the crowd a first glimpse of our products.
Do check out the Plugg website if you haven't already done that, there's an impressive speaker line-up and it promises to be an exciting day.


Announcing products


We are now officially announcing our Destop Reporting products: Dopac, Polaris, Rayet and Phobia. The first 2 are targeted for early 2009. Dopac is be our flagship desktop reporting solution and Polaris is a free desktop analytics widget.
Rayet and Phobia are targeted for late 2009 and are focused on analysis and presentation. Check out the products page for more info about these products.


Website launched


A new adventure starts here ;)