Announcing Dopac

We’re excited to announce that Dopac 1.0 is finally here. Dopac is Google Analytics on the desktop with a big focus on visual design, usability and account management. It’s designed for marketeers, webmasters, bloggers, business owners and everyone who’s interested in how their website is performing and how to improve it.

Dopac will comes in two versions; the standard which is available now, and the pro version which will be available later this year. Both versions will get continuous updates driven by additional feature requests from our users that will make the platform even more exciting than it is today.

Try Dopac for Google Analytics

Dopac is continuously in development with new updates almost on a weekly basis, each time unlocking more and more exciting features. Feel free to give Dopac a spin and send any suggestions or bug reports to .

Dopac requires Adobe AIR 2.6. If you don’t have Adobe AIR installed please follow the link below and install Adobe AIR first.Get Adobe AIR

Click here to download and try Dopac now

The main dashboard. Always the first thing you see after selecting a profile.

All major reports reports are represented. And we’ll be adding new ones monthly.

All reports open in a new tab, which allows easy switching between them.

Dopac supports multiple accounts and profiles.