Dopac update: Google Apps account migration

Recently Google migrated the Google Apps accounts to a new infrastructure consolidating the native Google Apps services and other Google service into one account. This migration also effects the Google Data API’s. If you’ve been using Dopac with a Google Apps account you might have experienced some problems today. To resolve this problem we urge [...]


Dopac beta 1 available

Glorious news. As of today Dopac beta 1 is available for download. For the next couple of weeks we will release a series of beta’s each unlocking some new functionality. Dopac beta 1 includes: Accounts/profiles manager Visitor reports If everything runs fine we will push an update whenever we can to unlock more features, such [...]

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Almost there …

Yes! It’s a glorious day, and not because it’s a sunny day in Juli. In fact it’s been one of the lousiest summers we’ve had in years over here, but that doesn’t bother me right now. I’m sitting here at my desk finishing up the new website, after my colleagues have left the office already [...]

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Desktop Reporting moves to new offices

As of Februari 2011 Desktop Reporting has officially moved to new offices which we will share with some other exciting start-up companies. Our new address is 350 Avenue Louise, Brussels.

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New Polaris update brings website uptime report

Do you know if your website is always up and available? Do you know how many visitors you lost during a down time? Well, if you don’t, Polaris has a new and exciting update that is just for you. By partnering up with Internet Vista we now offer website uptime reports integrated into Polaris right next to [...]

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