Yes! It’s a glorious day, and not because it’s a sunny day in Juli. In fact it’s been one of the lousiest summers we’ve had in years over here, but that doesn’t bother me right now. I’m sitting here at my desk finishing up the new website, after my colleagues have left the office already few hours ago. And I really don’t mind. Because while they’re chasing tail and having drinks I’m sitting here with a cocky smirk on my face about the push out the new site, lighting up a smoke and testing how sensitive the smoke detectors really are.

It’s been a long journey and this new website marks the first step of what’s really to come. Dopac, the product that was bound to see the light someday after the success of my first beta, is now just around the corner. Why did it take so long? Because I wanted to create something that resembled the vision I had in mind close enough so I could be satisfied with a product that stands out and takes little or no compromise. If we weren’t completely satisfied we simply threw stuff away and started over, both with functionality and design.

The most striking example is the user interface. I think we had about 4 or 5 different UI’s during the development period, and after we realized we could not meet our own expectations we turned to a third party and hired the Skins factory who delivered superb work.

Anyways, while we just wait a little bit longer now, just take a look and see how far we’ve come since the first beta:

Original beta analytics reporting suite

Original beta analytics reporting suite from 2007-2008


Unreleased version

Unreleased version from 2010


Current version

Dopac - 2011

It’s hard not to see the difference ;)
Take care!